HPI & Storage Tanks

HPI (Hydrocarbon Processing Industry)

Over 25 years experience in the HPI industry - millions of sq.m are protected by Jotun and hundreds of projects completed worldwide.

These include oil refineries, petrochemical and gas processing plants - some of the most demanding areas to protect against corrosion.

Time, environment and safety are important for facility operators, and Jotun has a wide range of coatings meeting the requirements within these areas.



Hundreds of thousands of sq.m of tank coatings worldwide are supplied by Jotun since the early 80's.

Storage tanks require protection from corrosion, erosion and contamination. This is best achieved with coating systems specifically designed for the environment in which the tank is to operate and the product to be stored.

Jotun offers a full range of coating systems to suit all operating conditions and products.