Supershine Rim Silver

Supershine Rim Silver is a new innovation from Cresta Paints for spraying of Wheel rims of Cars. The aluminium particles in the product give good brightness and are well aligned to give a brand new look on the wheel rims. It is single component product and has to be topcoated with PU clearcoat.

Supershine Nc Putty

Supershine NC Putty is premium grade NC putty with very good filling and leveling properties. It is supplied in two colors- grey and beige. It is very fast drying and smooth for sanding with dry or wet papers with pinhole free finish. It is suitable for application over polyester fillers, NC or acrylic primers and can be painted over with all paint systems.

Supershine Nc Primer

Supershine NC primer is very fast drying filling primer and is suitable for all kinds of paints i.e. 1K or 2K. It must be applied in thin layers over sanded areas only. It can be sanded within 10 minutes. It can be diluted with Supershine NC thinner.

Strongbond Bodyfiller

Strongbond bodyfiller is a heavy duty polyester body filler for filling major dents in the car body. It can be dry sanded with P60 or P80 sandpapers. It has good adhesion to metal and it is very fast drying. It can be sanded after 10 minutes.

Supershine Tack Rag

Supershine Tack Rag is fine Tack cloth used as a cleaning cloth for basecoat systems to remove any contamination in the form of dust, oil etc on the body before spraying clearcoat.
It is economical and can help avoid any form of surface defects caused due to contamination from the surroundings or surface of car body.

Supershine Filter

Supershine paint filter or sieve is used to filter the paint and systems when mixed before spraying. It is used to avoid any kind of particles that may be fallen in the paint from the surroundings to get a good finish.