Cresta Paints manufacturers below range of adhesives:


StrongBond wood Adhesive

Code SBWA Size : 250 gms, 500 gms, 750 gms, 1kgs, 5 kgs units in carton 250 gms x 60, 500 gms x 40, 750 gms x 30, 1kgs x 20, 5kgs x 4

Strongbond Wood Adhesive is premium grade wood glue with very high bonding strength and can be used for all wood and furniture and household applications. It is very fast setting with very good workability.



Strongbond universal adhesive-Type 99
Code 99, size: 0.25 L, 1 Ltr, 3Ltr, 5Ltr

Strongbond type 99 adhesive is chloroprene adhesive or contact adhesive used for joining of foam, leather, rubber, felt, cork and many other applications.
It is extremely fast setting and has good workability and highest bonding strength.