Protective & Marine Coatings

With Ghana joining the list of major Oil producing nations in Africa, there is a huge requirement for protective and marine coatings. To explore this potential at highest levels Cresta Paints has partnered worlds largest and recognized leader in protective and marine coatings i.e. Jotun Paints (Europe) Bv.


About JOTUN:



A World leader in Offshore protection

Jotun is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of world-class protective coatings for offshore and subsea structures, support vessels, drilling rigs and FPSOs providing the most effective methods of protection against corrosion.


Experience gained in the toughest environments

Nowhere has Jotun’s special expertise the science and technology of corrosion protection been more evident than in the severe environmental conditions in the North Sea. This experience, gained over almost 30 years, has been the valuable basis for Jotun’s long lasting coating systems for offshore structures.


Systems proven across the globe

Jotun coatings provide lasting protection, ease of application and unrivalled life cycle cost advantages, paying real dividents year after year. Jotun coating systems are proven across the globe on offshore structures in oil fileds in the North Sea, the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil, The Persian Gulf, India, the Caspian Sea and Pacific Rim.


A Truly worldwide operation

As a truly worldwide operation, with factories and offices in more than 60 countries on five continents, Jotun’s significant international network provides the highest standards of local service.


It is backed by the resources of a group committed to excellence that has consistently stretched the boundries of people and product performance to achieve its world leading position.


Cresta paints supplies Jotun Paints to industries, ships at dry dock, paints for maintainence of ships, oil rigs, Tank farms, other metal structures for the oil and gas industry in Ghana.


Cresta also supplies Jotun Paints for maintainence to ships calling at Lome, benin or Abidjan ports and also industries and applicators in Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Ivory Coast.