About Us


Cresta Paint Industries Ltd was founded in 2002 primarily for manufacturing of Autorefinish Paints in Ghana.

With a  small beginning at the start, Cresta Paints has grown many folds now, to be a leading company active in various segments and serving customers throughout west Africa.

Manufacturing and effective marketing of today’s most popular “Supershine” brand of Automotive Refinishes made Cresta Paints to rapidly grow and take a leading position in the West African market.

The visionary behind Cresta Paints is Mr. Abhay Salunkhe, a dynamic new generation technocrat – entrepreneur, who is able to synergize technical expertise from his background and commercial aspects from experience to take Cresta Paints to achieve its goals.

Cresta Paint Industries Ltd is a leading Paint manufacturing company in Ghana with focus on exports to West Africa and having excellence in manufacturing of Polyurethane Paints, Polyurethane Clears, Hardeners, thinners, adhesives and ancillary products.

Main focus is on high technology products and services.

We have a  technical Joint Venture with Noroo Paint and Coatings Co. ltd which is South Korea’s largest manufacturer of paint and coatings. Cresta manufactures “HIQ” and “Bodyian” range of autorefinish products under licence from Noroo.

Cresta Paints represents -Jotun Paints (Europe) Ltd, one of world’s largest manufacturer of Protective and Marine coatings and supplies marine paints to dry dock, oil rigs, ships and vessels at Tema port, Lome port, Benin port and Abidjan Port.

Cresta Paints has also diversified by representing-Fosroc Construction Chemicals, one of world’s largest and reputed manufacturer of Construction Chemicals and supplies construction chemicals in Ghana, Togo and other neighbouring countries.